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Jameela's Feburary 2014 Column: “I'm Sorry!"

jameela jamil march 2011


Love means never having to say you’re sorry" MY ARSE! This quote from the 1970 film, Love Story, is one of the most iconic sayings on love of all time. And it's really got me thinking. Because I’m pretty sure love means having to say you’re sorry all day, every day.

I’m in love for the first time and have literally never apologised so much in my life, because, this time, I actually care if he leaves. To prove it, I wrote down everything I am sorry for:

I'm sorry I am, without fail, 15 minutes late everywhere we go.

I'm sorry I always wake up looking like I've been in a fight.

I'm sorry I threw out all of your clothes (but they were disgusting).

I'm sorry I always wear 'those shoes', of which you claim the only benefit is that "if I piss myself, they won't
get ruined..."

I'm sorry I break everything. 


I'm sorry I secretly eat a bit of your omelette, even though I have my own, when you have gone to get ME salt. And you didn’t even know I did that, until now. Shit.

I’m sorry the only sport I do is cuddling.

I’m sorry that I leave mess everywhere I go.

I’m sorry that I sometimes wear pants that are so big, you don’t realise I’m even in my underwear.

I’m sorry I fall over several times a day.

I’m sorry you are scared of my cooking.

I’m sorry I order the same thing everywhere we go, and that I never just ask for a meal as it is on the menu.

I’m sorry I warm my frozen feet on you when we get home.

I’m sorry there is a chocolate stain on everything I own. And now everything you own.

I’m sorry I’m still a little bit scared of the dark at 27.

I’m sorry about that time I got a stitch during sex. Twice.

I'm sorry I make you order chips just because I want to live in denial by not ordering any – because I fully intend
on eating all of yours.

I'm sorry I still haven't watched that DVD you bought me four months ago. (I probably never will.)

I'm sorry I say the most disgusting or embarrassing things, really loudly, only when we're on public transport.

I’m sorry about this really personal article. And the last really personal article I wrote about shower sex. I’m actually truly sorry about that one. That’s the sorriest I’ve ever been as a writer.

Just generally sorry.


Love means ALWAYS having to say you’re sorry.



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