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10 Times Pretty Little Liars Was Out Of Control

We’re obsessed with the show, we’ve binge watched series after series ‘til Netflix gave us no more, so now, we’re re-watching all over again looking for sense, yes, SENSE. Because if the PLL stopped drinking so much coffee and took a long glug of common sense, surely ‘A’ would have got bored after season one…

Rosewood’s shortage of functioning curtains

SO many secrets would have been kept well, secret if they only shut their bloody curtains. Or even better, get some roller blinds? Spencer, you and your living room windows are the worst. Who leaves their windows exposed after dark?

Yeah, the fact you NEVER SHUT YOUR CURTAINS might be one of the reasons...

Locks. Or lack thereof

After a few hundred (approx) break-ins, you would get some pretty high-spec locks and alarms in place? Right? RIGHT? Sure, Emily’s dad Wayne got all army on their house in season three and installed a Marine-issue alarm system in the house, but the batteries must have run out or something ‘cos after a few eps, Fort Knox went back to unarmed Fort Fields.

Hanna’s IQ

One minute she throws out lines which make us question how she’s not been sat repeating first year over and over, the next she’s morphed into some kind of high IQ sleuth. Tailing, forging handwriting, investigating Holbrook’s alibi – who is she? A?

Hair continuity

Hanna’s hair is also a huge source of brain perplexity. In one episode it can go from long to short, bronde to blonde to brunette and blonde again – does no one care about continuity?

The obsession with party masks

Oh yeah, let’s attend another masked ball, where no one knows who anyone is, killers can walk about unnoticed and the entire night will be one big fear fest. But hey, aren’t masks just so cool and mysterious?

Rosewood High’s party budget

How many soirees’ can one school afford to throw? Apparently all the parties ever.


If you wanna find A, then just look on the Forbes Rich List as he/she/it has infinite funds, splashing the cash on mobile phones for the entire population and helicopters and stuff. How is it also possible that each season a new A is revealed and each time, they are tech wizards, skilled in the art of stunt driving, blackmail and A-grade snooping. WTF?

Spencer’s absent parents

Spencer’s parents’ air miles must be off the scale because they’re always ‘away’. We’re guessing the amount of miles they have accumulated during Spencer’s time at high school mean they travel everywhere for free. Why stay at home to bring up their daughter when she’s clearly doing a great job herself...

The woods

After years of congregating/dodging murderers/being stalked/running for your life/holding stupid group meetings in the woods, you would think they would realise it is not an OK place to hang. Or be within a one-mile radius of. Did none of them watch Blair Witch


Why does no one move the hell out of Rosewood?

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