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28 Problems Only Girls With Big Boobs Will Understand

1. You can't wear a vaguely tight top without someone remarking how big your boobs are.

2. Halter neck bikinis give you serious neck injuries. 

3. ALL hugs feel vaguely sexual.

4. Running is just not an option. (Kind of a bonus, too)

5. Bandeau tops make your boobs look like a literal shelf. #Uniboob

6. All cute high street underwear comes in a size A-D. Urgh.

7. Cross body bags and seatbelts are your mortal enemy

8. Most bras in your size coming in nude only. Hawt.

9. Cooking can be an issue.

10. Bras in your size cost twice the price of 'normal'

11. The pain when the underwire can't take the pressure anymore and stabs you.

12. Vests with 'built-in support', lol.

13. People that try to poke them in amazement. They're not toys, people.

14. Unwanted male attention – my eyes are UP HERE.

15. They make your head look oh so small in photos.

16. When cats think your dangling pendant necklaces are a fun toy. 

17. Buttoned up shirts: just no.

18. Summer has arrived? So has boob sweat! Yay.

19. Backless or sheer items are dead to you. Nobody needs to see your industrial strength bra.

20. Sports bras LIE. Your boobs won't stay still unless you wear three. 

21. When your case of 'quad boobs' tells you it's time for an even bigger bra.


22. When you realise Freya might be your only true friend in this life

23. Having to hold your boobs whilst walking down the stairs vigorously

24. V-necks cause you nip-slip related paranoia.

25. When you realize your bra cups might actually be bigger than Pharrell's hat.

26. When people say they wish they had your problem.

27. But the again, when you hear people say "anything more than a handful is a waste"...

28. Finding snacks down your cleavage. Although let's face it, it's often a plus depending on your hygiene stance.

Besides those small issues, big boobs RULE!


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