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19 Things You'll Only Relate To If You've Had Bar Job

1. The only social life you have revolves around the bar you work in. Even though you’re sick of the sight of the place and the people and you don't REALLY want to hang out with the regulars you serve for a living...

2. Yaaaaay it's FRIDAY!!! Oh wait...

3. When you have to serve you friends who are a) Having a great time out without you and b) continuously expect to get free drinks from you – and not once do they offer to buy you one...

4. People who tear up beer mats are scum. People who draw funny things on them are your unidentifiable heroes for giving you a little laugh at the end of a shift…

5. Breaking a glass and trying to act casual and not care whilst the entire place is shouting “WAHEEEEEEEY!!”...

6. When someone orders a Malibu or a Jager bomb and you know things are about to get reeeeal sticky...

7. “Do you come here often?” Hahahaha hilarious because I work hear so I clearly do. . . DICK.

8. Those people who order the Guinness last. And the “I’ll have a beer please” kind.

9. “I’ll have a long island ice tea please.” EEERRR no won’t! This one won’t apply if you work in an ACTUAL cocktail bar, but why is it that people just assume you’ve been to fancy bar school and can make them anything they want??

10. What IS that smell that you always inevitably smell of at the end of a long shift?? No amount of that impulse spay you keep in you bag for emergencies only can cover it. You know there's beer involved and probably a bit of mop water you splashed down your front. But what the hell is it?!

11. When you’ve got a tray full of glasses and people just won’t move out of the way.

12. It's always a when a handsome, polite, marriage-material kinda guy comes to the bar that you do something really stupid. Every. Single. Time.

13. Girls who won’t stop screaming. The ‘woohoo’ girls.

14. When someone’s been standing at the bar for ages – giving you that ‘hurry the f**k p face – and when you finally get to them and they have no idea what they want to order.

15. The under-agers. Come back when you're old enough kids...

16. Being unbelievably hungry at the end of your shift and the only options are nuts, crisps or a the kebab shop down the road. Again

17. PDA at the bar. Or just people who stand at the bar in general. Get out of the way jackass!!

18. Makeup? Oh whats the point! It'll have sweat off in an hour or so. HELLO BOYS!!

19. Drunk people. In general. ALL OF THEM!!


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