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Plant Killer? Here’s How To Care For Your Succulents

Hands up if you’re a bit of a plant killer like we are? #plantfail. Succulents are all the rage right now, and - as cute as they are - these spikey little greens don’t make the best indoor accessories. That being said, with just a little bit of patience and some TLC, it can be done. Prepare to make all of your Pinterest dreams come true.

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Drink up

Whilst it’s true that succulents require less water than normal shrubs, they do need a little drink every once in a while. Start by watering them once a month in winter and once a week throughout the rest of the year, and adjust your schedule as you go. Want to really treat your sucs? Douse them in distilled.

Give them shade

Succulents are typically found in deserts, so they’re used to getting bright, indirect sunlight. Would you like to sit and cook in direct sunlight for hours on end? Maybe not. So be sure to keep them a little sheltered in the summer. Sun hat optional.

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Play it cool

Despite living in some of the hottest countries, succulents are serious tough guys when it comes to the colder weather. In fact, these little fellas are pretty happy at any temperature between 4 and 29 degrees Celsius.

Soil snobs

Distilled water and special soil? These plants really do have it all. To keep your prickly friends in tiptop condition, indulge them with 1/3 potting soil, 1/3 regular gravel and 1/3 coarse sand to help with any drainage. Dreamy.

Give them space

Succulents are technically meant to live outdoors, so when they’re stuck inside they do like a lil bit of alone time every once in a while. Try keeping groups of succulents apart from each other in sunlight to ensure a maximum amount of light can reach them.

And just like that you’re a plant pro. Think we’ve missed something? Tweet us @companymagazine

Words: Stephanie Toms

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