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How To Wear (and walk in) High Heels WITHOUT PAIN!

1. Make sure you're wearing the right size shoe!

You wouldn't believe it, but SO many of us are actually wearing the wrong size shoe, which can cause bunions if they'll too small, blisters if they're too big and basically make them impossible to walk in either way. Your foot size changes over the years, so have your feet measured once a year, and do it if you’ve never had it done - and check for width and for length as well.


2. Know your foot type

Know your foot type. A podiatrist would be able to tell you, but a DIY way to work out if you have a flat foot or a high-arch foot is to wet your foot and step onto a piece of light coloured sugar paper. When you make a footprint, it'll show you how much your foot is flattening or how high an arch you have. This will help when choosing your heels.

3. The thicker the heel, the better

We know they're hot, but if you can, avoid thin stiletto heels, as they cause your foot to wobble around and unbalance your body. Sometimes, the outfit needs some skyscraper stilettos, obvs - but it's fine as long as it's occasional. If you’re wearing heels everyday, you might want to swap to a chunkier heel style 

4. Avoid thin soles, opting instead for a platform

Thin soles will almost ALWAYS give you pain on the balls of your feet - not fun. If you chose a thicker sole or a little bit of a platform, it'll offset some of the pressure when you're walking - even better if it's a rubbery kind of material will absorb that pressure.

5. Take breaks - and stretch!

Kick your shoes off throughout the day and stretch your ankles and toes, and stretch your feet after you take your shoes off. Point your toes down, and pull your toes up with a strap to get the Achilles’ tendon and the calf muscles, and then side to side to get to the instep and the outside of the foot.


6. Try a shoe with more coverage up top.

The more coverage you have on the top of your foot, the better - the proof of this is that sometimes high-heeled boots are actually easier and more comfortable to wear all day, even if the heel is high. In the summer, try something with an ankle strap to support your foot - more 'up top' coverage also helps if you’re prone to blisters and friction.

7. High heel gel pads DO work!

The oval-shaped pads (we love Scholl's Party Feet) that go under the ball of the foot, usually made from a silicone gel. They combat soreness, ase the pressure and will hold your foot more steady in the shoe so your feet aren't sliding forward as much, which will also protect your toes from friction and blisters. #winning

8. At the end of the day - soak!

Sometimes aching feet are simply the result of overstressed muscles and connective tissue due to excess activity or weight-bearing. One of the best remedies for relaxing sore muscles is a foot bath - so fill up the washing up bow, aaaaand relax...

And hopefully, if you follow all these tips, then THIS won't happen...

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