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Summer Beauty Prep - Whatever You Want to Wear...

Prepare to wear... GLADIATOR SANDALS

Transforming winter hoofs into feet fit for public exposure can seem daunting, but get the right kit and you’ll be hot to trot. To get rid of dead skin, you need something hardcore – we love Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File, £29.99, made with long lasting micro-abrasive particles and finely ground diamond crystals to remove corns and calluses.

Follow up with an exfoliating foot scrub – Neal’s Yard Pumice Foot Scrub, £15, is grainy enough to make a difference. Then massage Body Shop Peppermint Intensive Foot Rescue, £9, into your feet and sleep in cotton socks. We know it ain’t a good look – but neither are crusty feet!


Prepare to wear... DENIM CUT-OFFS

Shed your winter skin with an exfoliator, like Sanctuary Long Lasting 4-Day Moisture Oil Scrub, £10. It’s packed full of fine-salt crystals, olive oil and shea butter to make legs silky soft. Then, if you’re brave enough, follow up with Veet Spawax Stripless Wax Warming Kit, £29.99. The nifty applicator makes it easy to apply the wax, so if you can deal with the ouch, you’ll get salon results - without the need for strips.

For the more wussy among you, try Escentially Smooth Hair Removal Cream, £3.75 – it only takes 10 minutes to dissolve leg-fuzz and it doesn’t have the usual bad smell. Last step? You gotta moisturise EVERY day – Dove Firming Nourishing Lotion, £5.99, is amazing, sinks in really quick AND has firming properties.



Prepare to wear... TANK TOPS

If you suffer from chicken skin on your upper arms (or Keratosis Pilaris, if you want the scary name), go for body washes that contain salicylic or glycolic acid – they’ll unplug the hair follicles, which is what causes those annoying bumps. We rate Perricone MD Glycolic Cleansing Bar, £20. It's a bit pricey but they last for ages and they seriously work.

Then apply Environ AVST Hydrating Lotion, £37 – it’s a clear, runny lotion with AHAs to dissolve away clogging dead skin cells. Use it religiously and we promise the bumps will start to disappear. If ‘bacne’ is more the prob, go for Murad Acne Body Wash, £32.50 – it contains salicylic acid to sort body breakouts, plus anti-inflammatory liquorice-root extract to calm angry skin.

Prepare to wear... BIKINI

Dimples are cute when you smile, not when you sit down, right? Blitz yours with Pupa Intensive Anticellulite Scrub, £20, to eliminate water retention while smoothing and firming the skin. For stubborn orange peel, try Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control, £37 – it’s packed with plant extracts that break down cellulite, if you stick with it.

We’re also pretty taken with Shiseido Advance Body Creator, £55, which uses the power of fragrance (yep, really) to burn fat. As you inhale the fragrance of the gel, you release noradrenalin, which increases your heart rate and boosts collagen production to make skin firmer. Finally, one of the best (and cheapest) things to invest in is a body brush like Boots Body Detox Brush, £4.99. Every day, brush from your ankles up to your waist, concentrating on the dimply bits and using firm, upward strokes.  


And after all this, we bet you'll be feeling a million dollars - see you at the beach bar!

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