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8 Ways To Stop Getting Static Hair

Static hair sucks. But sadly, a winter combo of wooly hats, central heating and fine hair = flyaway hair to the max.

Put very basically, static hair occurs when negatively charged electrons fly off your hair, leaving your mane filled with positively charges which resist each other, read: your stands try everything in their power to get the hell away from one another.

Yep, us girls with thin, fine hair are hit the worse, basically anytime our hair makes contact with anything, a static mess occurs. But there is hope. And we’re not talking about a lifetime of scraped-up buns…  

Before we begin, can we just take a moment to appreciate the gif below?

Use dryer sheets

This is often seen as an old wives tale, but yes, it actually works. Gently smooth a drying sheet over your hair, or even over your hairbrush before combing to stop static strands. You can even run over your pillow at night to help avoid waking up to an outrageous hair party.

Step away from the plastic

Plastic is your enemy. Metal combs are the way to go. Why? Because metal is more conductive and will cause the electric charges building in your hair to discharge, as in, a metal comb will reduce the amount of static present.

Get pro with your products

Moroccanoil, Frizz Control, £19.45 is your go-to product for sorting out misbehaving strands. It will control static in all weather conditions, and doesn’t weigh it down, or make it look greasy in the process. Double win.

Get with the hairspray

We love Wella EIMI Dynamic Fix spray, £14,70, which has been specially formulated to protect hair from humidity (laters, static!), AND heat and UV damage. Basically, it’s the perfect finishing product to spray on hair before you leave the house and into the, wait for it… moist air. To apply, simply spray onto your locks, then you have 45 seconds to play about with it before it’s set.

Here's a little touch up trick: Before leaving the house, spray some hairspray liberally on your brush and run over your mane from the root to tip to lightly set it in place and smooth flyaways. This technique is great for touchups throughout the day.

In times of crisis, find a moisturiser

If you’re out and about, or leaving the house in a hurry and you have a static attack and need a quick fix, FAST, find a hand mosituriser, apply some product to your hands, then lightly smooth into the ends of your hair for a fuss-free antidote. Just lay off the roots, as you don’t want greasy hair as well as static hair.

If you can’t find a moisturiser, use water

Yep, the simplest trick going, but if you’re literally at a loss, with no known product around, just use water to get your hair under control.

Use moisturising conditioner

Make sure your shampoo and conditioner is as hydrating as possible, as dry hair = static. We're currently loving both Herbal Essence’s Cleary Naked Moisture shampoo and conditioner which intensely hydrates hair, without weighing it down, and is free from parabens, silicones and dyes and Julien Farel’s Restore and Vitamin Smooth which work to reduce frizz and combat flyaways.

Say goodbye to your hair towel

Try using a t-shirt to dry your hair instead. Rigorously drying your hair the normal way with a grooved towel pulls apart your strands, disrupting your hair and creating frizz. A cotton t-shirt is less abrasive and absorbs excess water (without taking away most of the moisture like a towel) which helps to keep our hair from drying frizzy.

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