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What Lipstick Shade Suits Your Skin Tone?

We’ve all been there, that moment after you tell your BFF you love her lipstick, only for her to give you the bullet to try, you apply, look in the mirror and think it looks amazing awful.

Why? Because, depending on your skin colouring, certain shades look better on different skin tones. That’s not to say you can’t go and rock whatever colour you want, hey, when it comes to beauty, you make the rules.

So, to help you out when it comes to shade-finding, we tested out four our our fave lipsticks from Collection’s new Long Lasting makeup range, which includes 22 epic colours including gloss and matte finishes and last for ages (trust us, we’ve tried them all!) and documented the results...

Best for asian skin...

Zuki: "I'm ALWAYS drawn to a semi-flouro lipstick. As an avid wearer of monochrome, I think a bright lip can add a bit of fun and colour to an outfit. Also, bright orange shades like Collection's Coral Pop really warms up my skin tone and hopefully makes me look more tanned… Yay!"

Best for black skin...

Carlene: "With black skin, neon colours pop so much more, so I love experimenting with bright pinks and purples to make a real statement. Collection's No 5 Pink Fusion is definitely going to be in my Summer makeup bag"

Best for olive tones...

Theresa: "A nude lip colour just makes a natural look seem way more polished, and on mid tone skin like mine, luckily it enhances my colouring rather than washing me out. A nude lipstick with pink tones, like Collection's No 22 Café au Lait is perfect."

Best for pale skin...

Holly: "When you've got pale skin like me, certain colours can seem a bit like 'WHOA', especially when it comes to shadows and blushers. However, you cannot go wrong with a classic, brick red colour like Collection's Red Carpet lipstick. It doesn't wash me out, doesn't make me look like a clown, it just instantly adds some vintage sass to an otherwise meh beauty look. LOVE IT."

Buy your Collection lipsticks here

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