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8 Issues all Hayfever Sufferers Can Totally Relate To

1. Sneezing. Sneezing ALL THE TIME

One of the worst things about hayfever is that you can't even hide that you have it. In the office, a lecture, at the cinema.. you always know a sneeze is close by. People give you a wide berth on the bus as they think you've got the lurgy, but you just want to scream.. "IT'S THE POLLEN PEOPLE!!" 

2. The Itching

Imagine your nose is filled with a thousand million tiny little bugs that make your nose tickle all the time. Then imagine that, occasionally, a group of those bugs get together and decide to launch an attack, casuing itchiness. In your throat. A place you can't scratch. Now imagine this constantly, for the whole of summer.  ARGH!


3. The make-up issues

There's barely any point putting on lipstick, eyeliner or mascara because within 20 minutes of leaving the house on a high pollen day it will be all down your face. And you get through concealer twice as fast as in Winter as you attempt to hide your red blotchy nose.

4. That heavy face feeling you'll never be able to explain

Non-hayfever sufferers will never understand the mass of symptoms that make you want to claw at, bury or hide your face. Feeling like you've got bags under your eyes all the time is also a constant issue you have the pleasure of dealing with.


5. Short term relief never works

When pollen makes your eyes itch, it's UNBEARABLE. But the worst part is the fact that scratching and rubbing them feels A-MAZING...for about five minutes. Then your eyes are swollen, red and sore for the rest of the day - leaving you cursing not only Summer, but also yourself for giving in to the itching again.

6. The sweating

As if running nose, itchy eyes, sneezing and headaches aren't torture enough, it's a true fact that hayfever sufferers sweat more to. This is because your body is trying to expel all the pollen, and sweating the allergens out is a key trick. Getting hot, bothered and generally having trouble sleeping are all on the list too.  Of course they are.


7. Tissues

Tissues give us issues. Although they're much needed to mop up the hell that pollen gives us, you resent paying for them, they give you a red nose, your boyfriend/flatmates/parents are always finding them everywhere, and they essentially don't make you look very attractive. Neccesary evil.

8. Having a total fear of nature and the joy it brings other people

A bunch of flowers? Umm... no thanks. Fun picnic in the park? You must be joking. Having hayfever basically means you have to give most Summer social events a miss in order to preserve your ability to breathe. Enjoy that BBQ everyone.... we'll just sit inside, yeah?

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