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10 Brilliant Tips for Growing Long, Healthy Hair

Even when you feel like it SO isn't, your hair is constantly growing. Apparently, hair grows approximately half an inch per month on average, (roughly six inches a year). But if your hair never seems to grow past a certain point, then it could be because you're over-using heat or chemicals, which can lead to hair breaking off at the bottom before it can grow to it's full length potential!

Not everyone is able to grow hair down to their waist (genetics also play a role unfortunately!), but there are ways you can grow it to it's healthy, maximum length - with a bit of time and commitment!

1. Nutrition Is Key - A healthy diet can help your locks grow quicker and stronger, as hair grows best when it's getting goodness from the inside out. Opt for nutritious foods like iron-rich dark green leafy vegetables, salmon (packed fu of omega-3), fruits, nuts or beans, and B vitamin rich foods like whole grains or eggs.

2. Vitamins Can Help - Supplements can also aid in the growth of healthy hair. Many hair supplements help to fortify your hair system by feeding the follicle, which helps to encourage healthy growth - but these can be expensive.


3. Look for Products with Hydrating and Energising Ingredients - You're on to a winner if you use products which include avocado or coconut oils because they help to keep the hair conditioned by actually penetrating the hair shaft and moisturising inside, preventing breakage. Products containing mint also help energise the scalp, which increases circulation and promotes healthy hair growth.

4. Moisturise - If hair is dry and brittle it's AWY more prone to breaking. Hydrating ingredients will coat the cuticle to seal in moisture, reduce breakage, promote elasticity and help retain length. Use a weekly deep moisturising hair masque formulated for your hair type.


5. Avoid Alcohol -  Products containing too much alcohol can be drying lead to breakage (and the same goes for drinking it too!) 

6. Stop Abusing Your Hair - Heat styling and may seem like a great (short-term) option for smooth locks, but can lead to breakage  and once the protein bonds are broken, they can never be repaired. Try and limit the usage of hairdryers or straightners - or at least turn down the temperature!

7. Use the Right Tools and Accessories -  The right tools for your hair type will reduce breakage, increase manageability and aid styling. A large-tooth tail comb for dividing, parting and directing textured hair is great for detangling and distributing product to the hair and scalp. Be careful which accessories you use too - tight headbands and rubber bands should be avoided as they can lead to breakage of curly hair. 

8. Detangle Your Hair Properly - Be gentle! Try finger combing; it's a great method for women with natural hair. It’s also important to detangle hair in sections BEFORE you wash it, beacuse when your hair is wet, it's in its most fragile state - and ig your hair is really tangled, start from the bottom of the sections and work toward the top. 

9. Certain HairStyles Can Help! - Give your hair a break from daily styling (which can lead to breakage) by putting it up in  twists, buns or braids - but mix it up so you're not putting strain on the follicle too much either way. 

10. Don't be Scared of the Hairdresser - Trims can actually help with the length of your hair, because when a split end starts, it travels up the hair shaft. Get your ends snipped when needed - as if you don't, that split end can travel all the way to the root and cause breakage - bad times.

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