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This Girl's Purple Hair Is The New #TheDress. Minds. Blown...

While most of us have forgotten about #TheDress (we pretend we don’t care anymore, but it’s STILL blue, K?), it’s legacy and whole “WTF” spirit lives on with many comparing the ‘event’ to this…

#SabrinasHairHasMAdeUsQuestionEverything. Yeah, we just made up that hashtag, but cut us a break, it’s Friday and quite frankly we’ve eaten too many Hobnobs to come up with anything better #NationalBiscuitDay ya’ll.

The video clip, which was uploaded to YouTube this week, shows Sabrina Abu-Obeid showing her newly dyed hair to her boyf whilst he films it. So, when we see her and her new mane in the kitchen, it’s bluey, then it a WTF moment, she walks out of the kitchen into the bathroom (nice foliage, guys) and it turns PURPLE.

The couple uploaded the video to Reddit a couple of days ago where it has so far got over 911,000 views.

Redditor TheoLu says: ‘I can't tell unless you put her in normal sunlight rather than artificial light sources of different colour temperatures”. Duhhhhhh, it’s just magic.

This sums it all up:

Photo credit: @SabrinaAbuObeid

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